Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sam and his buddy's

This is Sam and his OT Kathy.

Here is Sam and his PT Ann.

Sam goes to therapy 3 times a week these are 2 of his therapist. They are both so good with him.

Friday, May 8, 2009

New blog

I have a new blog its almost the same.
I felt like starting over and I'm not very good on the computer. So I did it this way. I want to keep the same name but Scott and the boys are camping and I don't know how to do it. So here you go a new one.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mock Prom 2009

My three oldest all dressed up for our church Mock Prom. Evan 16, Rudi 17, Ethan 14

Ethan dancing oh my gosh. I can't believe it. He hates dances and you can't tell can you.

Not Evan he likes them because of her. He scopes her out at all the slow dances.

This is Rudi's friend the only slow dance of the night. He is Evan's girls brother and he writes music.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Marsha's Card Class

This card is a book mark. I used a paper clip a BIG one from Walmart. It's a fun card.

These cards are birthday, baby or little child and a thank you or thought card.

Here are two final cards one is a boy card and the other one is a happy day card used for many things.

Handmade Scrapbook 5x5

I am teaching a class at Michelle's on Friday the 13th. I am excited I haven't taught a scrapbook class for a few months. I hope I'm not to rusty. These are the last pages. On the right the page flips up for more journaling or photos.

The page on the right also flips up for more photos.

This is the front. I used SEI paper the Dill colection.

Right to Read Week

The girls had right to read week last week and on Friday they had to dress up like pirates. This is them one is happy and one is mad. What an attitude. Where does she get that from. RUDI????

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sam'e First Haircut

He is 25 months old and finally getting his haircut. He was so good. I don't cut too many kids that sit this good for their first haircut. Maybe he has seen me cut enough people he knows how to act or he is just good like that. Now he looks like he has more hair. Even though he has less.

I'm not the perfect Mom I thought I was.

Look at the goose egg that he has. We were getting ready to go to a well check. I set him on the counter to put his coat on and fill up a bowl of goldfish crackers. I spilled them and went to get the broom and he fell off the counter. It sounded horrible. He cried alot. We went to the well check and there was nothing. That night was bad he was up alot. The next morning we got up early and I was sitting with him and I felt his head and it was squishy. So I took him to the ER. They did a cat scan and it showed nothing. Then a week later it started to swell like it looks here and we called the Dr. two times on Wednesday and the second time the Dr told us to go back to the ER. So again the same thing cat scan and sent home. We went home feeling stupid for taking him back and questioning our Dr. But the next day I was in the Dr. office for Rudi and when we were done the Dr. got a phone call and we started to walk out of the room and he told us to go back in and then came back in and told us another radiologist read the xray and found a skull fracture. So Sam already sees a neurologist so we got into see him the next day and now we just have to watch it to make sure it dosen't get bigger. And go back in 2 weeks. They did a 3D picture of his skull and now I have seen it all. The crack is long a fine but it looks bad. The Dr. just wants to make sure nothing comes thru the crack. I feel so bad. Just what he needs. More appointments and to be hurt. I know accidents happen but I'm the Mom. He needs to be safe with me. Because he has Morgan as a sister.

Rudi Hit a Sheriff...WOW!!!!!

Well it sounds worst than what really happened. A 32 year Lucas Co. veteran was who was in the accident with Rudi. It happened right outside of Swanton. Hears how the story goes:

Rudi noticed that her light was red so she started to slow down and as she got closer her light turned green so she sped up. As she got even closer she noticed that there was a sheriff sitting at the light in the other direction looking like he was going to turn towards Toledo so she slowed down a little bit. She thought his lights were on but the sun was shinning and it was only his red ones so she started thru the light. THEN the sheriff pulled out in front of her and she hit the back end of his cruiser. The person beside her had stopped and the cars across from her had stopped too. So we thought she was going to be in BIG trouble. But as we heard more witness they all said the sheriff didn't have his seiren on and my brother Nick who is a deputy sheriff in another county said that for anyone to go thru a red light they have to make sure that everyone is stopped and he didn't do that. So she is not getting a ticket. Lucky her!!! And it might be his fault just as much as hers. So we will each be responsible for our own cars. I sure hope so and I hope she has learned to stop no matter what kind of lights she sees.

Rudi setting her blanket on FIRE!!!!!!

I made her this blanket for Christmas about 3 years ago and it was looking nasty I wanted to set it on fire. But she beat me to it. She walked into the kitchen and threw it onto the counter and I had that candle burning and it caught on fire. Ha its history. But she really loves her mini blankets and so I made her a new one that is giraffe print and hot pink silk edges. She loves it just as much as the old one. This new one will end up looking nasty before too long.

This is her mad when I wanted to take her picture after it happened. She will be mad when she sees that I've blogged this. OH WELL!!!!!

Morgan's 7th Birthday

This is hard to see but Morgan is hitting her pinata. Its Hannah Montana's guitar. It didn't hold that much candy so I thru lots more on the floor when it broke open. I think pinata's are so dumb but kids love them so much. Morgan had a great birthday. She asked for money and got $92.00 and she went out and bought a DS. We helped her come up with the rest. Now her and Robyn can share the games.